Product Animation

Advantages of Product Animation in New Product Design

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An important part of the product life-cycle process is product animation. In early stage product design, product animation and motion analysis are increasingly being used for testing feasibility of the concept design. Animation is also used as a tool for advertising and product presentations.

The concept of animation of a new product facilitates confirmation of the design and a functional synopsis of the final product. An animation helps in the efficient design of kinetics, helps rule out assembly interferences during motion and verify clearances. For guiding the design in the right direction in the early stages of design, a motion analysis is predominantly constructive

As a communication medium, a photo-realistically rendered product animation also becomes a very useful tool in demonstrating the product functions. Potential investors are able to understand the product functions and features more easily than a verbal description. At a later stage it becomes an useful sales and marketing tool. For more complex products, the animation can be used for product training to the service personnel and for after sales demonstrations to the end users.

A summary of the key benefits of Product Animation:

  • Design functions and specifications verifications.
  • Design analysis to rule out assembly interferences and verify clearances
  • To the investors, an animation is a product demonstration tool
  • For the sales and marketing teams, it is an advertising tool
  • For product training of installation and service personnel
  • After sales demonstrations to the end user


An Axial Piston Ccontraption

An axial piston concept

Mechanical Parts in Action

A radial piston concept

Image Source: garethwashere