Engineering Design Proficiency

Engineering Design Proficiency Vs. CAD Proficiency

  • pentadesk

Indenifying a Product Design company to develop your new product idea can be a huge challenge. The easy availability of easy to learn CAD programs and all the freelancer portals have made it difficult for someone not from the engineering industry to distinguish between industry professionals and novices. The wrong choice, especially for new businesses can have huge cost implications and far reaching consequences on the project life cycle.

A new product for successful development relies heavily on the usability of the engineering design data. The capabilities of an engineering contractor cannot be determined until a contract is made with a contractor and after having commenced an initial run. A poor decision on selecting the right engineering service provider does not seem apparent until the project has reached or surpassed proposed budgetary limit.

Due to the lack of familiarity with the product development process, many times, a client ends up with CAD data which ultimately gets rejected by the manufacturer, contracted for producing the final product.

A vital point to remember when it comes to selecting an engineering and product design service provider is to know that CAD proficiency does not equal engineering or design proficiency. Parts and assemblies that are used in commercialized products must meet several criteria in order to be cost effective and manufacturable.