Why Us

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The primary focus of Pentadesk lies in Engineering, Product Design & Development. Our expertise spans most of the engineering domains viz. automotive, heavy engineering, solar energy, medical, defense, lighting and consumer & industrial product. We design products ranging from complex vacuum packaging machines, tractor trailers, industrial manipulators, health & fitness devices, etc. to simpler products such as alloy wheels, water bottles, electrical enclosures, etc.

Core competence:

From an idea to reaching the final engineered product, Pentadesk  assists in every stage of the product development process. Our design engineers with several years of experience in product design, will help you reach your goal of product realization in a single end-to-end process.

Product Design & Development is Pentadesk’s core competency. This enables us to provide support in nearly all engineering domains. Our services span core mechanical engineering, value engineering, patent drafting, technical illustrations, solar engergy, etc.

Pentadesk provides complete support in reducing engineering cost and eventually enables the customers to go beyond their business goals. We ensure on-time and accurate project deliveries to our clientele. Our functional experts possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in all CAD software.