Pentadesk was created with inventors in mind.  We respect the value of great ideas but also understand that these ideas have to be developed before they are useful in the real world.  This is where our engineering design services come in.  Our team of creative engineers are well-equipped to nurture your concepts into tangible products.  We have experience designing the foundations of our customers’ products across a multitude of industries.  We attain a clear understanding of what you have in mind and work with you step by step in order to help you realize your goals.

An outline of Pentadesk’s product design & development services procedure:

  • Our Lead Designer will evaluate the feasibility (in terms of structural integrity, target audience, budget, etc.) of your product idea and work with you to mold and shape the idea.  We’ll identify strengths and weaknesses and develop concepts that can be developed into actual products.
  • Next, our mechanical engineers will produce a 3D CAD model of the concept to serve as the most complete plan for your product.  Using our extensive experience in manufacturing and engineering, we will create engineering drawings that will capture the essence of your ideas and host the most intricate of details required for manufacturing
  • Next, will be testing, analyzing, and suggesting changes with regards to improving the structure of the product.  This phase of the testing and analysis is done using Finite Elements Analysis.
  •   The design will next reach the prototyping phase.  We will assist you in developing 3D printed prototypes of the product for testing functionality and form and fit. After collaborating with you to work out the kinks in the product, we’ll submit a final design and provide assistance in developing the prototype to specifications.
  • The final steps include putting the actual and finalized mechanical design into motion for manufacturing.

Whether you have a new product idea or you simply want to improve upon an existing product, Pentadesk has a solution for you.  We specialize in product design consultancy and look forward to working with you on your next big idea.