Pentadesk offers a range of technical services specifically designed to help individual inventors to bring their product idea to life. Our engineering roots help us understand the technical aspects of the invention ideas thoroughly and offer the following services that help you in your journey to the pinnacle.

Engineering Design

Engineering design is one of the most important steps in ensuring that an invention idea reaches its ultimate goal of turning into a real product. Pentadesk has worked on hundreds of new invention ideas and have provided complete engineering designs to enable those products to reach the shelves in a supermarket.

Patent Drafting

Patent specification drafting or Patent Drafting is an integral part of the patent application process. The invention illustrations have to be drafted to perfection in order to protect the invention. Pentadesk has the experience of drafting hundreds of patent illustrations for submission to USPTO. Our engineering roots help us understand the technical aspects of the invention idea thoroughly.

Product Brochure

A product brochure is an essential tool in showcasing your invention idea to prospective investors . Since it is of utmost importance to show your invention idea in all its glory, a well designed product brochure will help you go a long way rather than photographs of a home-made prototype. Pentadesk has been a forerunner in helping create stunning product renders which are then used in product brochures that explain the finer nuances of the invention idea.

Product Functionality Animation

Another one of our offerings is an animation that highlights all the functions of the invention idea along with an optional voice over.

Virtual Invention Prototyping

Enormous amounts of time and money is spent by inventors in building actual prototypes, when there is, in fact, a much better way of getting your idea across to prospective investors. With our expertise in Virtual Invention Prototyping, we can create a user interactive virtual  three dimensional presentation of your prototype.  With virtual prototype in hand, it should be much easier for you, to showcase the invention idea without carrying your prototype along.