Indoor Exercise Device For Women

Thigh Toner – Indoor Exercise Device for Women

  • Pentadesk Technologies

The “Thigh Tight” is an indoor exercise device developed to meet the growing need of aesthetically pleasant indoor exercise devices. This device is targeted at anyone who has to spend long hours at the desk or in front of a computer.

The client approached Pentadesk with the sketchy details of her idea for an exercise device. She wanted an indoor exercise device which was aesthetically appealing enough to be carried around and used, and would fit in a small bag or a medium sized purse. Her inclination was more towards a device that could be used by a woman. After several brainstorming sessions and understanding the real requirement of such a device (since similar devices of cumbersome and unwieldy designs are already present in the market), Pentadesk decided to take up this new product design assignment.

We began by sketching out a range of different concepts focusing on integrating the shape in to a form which could be easily handled by women. Pentadesk’s industrial designer sketched out several design concepts to choose from. The soft forms and contours form the basis of the design direction.

Sketch for the Indoor Exercise Device

Sketches for the Indoor Exercise Device

Industrial Design for the Indoor Exercise Device

Industrial Design for the Indoor Exercise Device

Next phase was the color selection. We went over various color options from various sources such as Pantone and many other web based options and finally decided to go with white and blue.

Color Selection Thigh Tight IndoorExercise Device for Women

Next came the engineering design where we decided on the different components that will go into the device. Whether to design a custom spring or to use an off the shelf one, hardware, material selection, etc. were carried out based on manual design calculations.

Once all the specs were decided upon, it was time to move to CAD modeling. We chose a CAD platform which would give us the flexibility of designing an organic shape easily and which also was robust enough to handle complex surface modeling. We also wanted the chosen CAD platform to have integrated Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), so that design iterations didn’t require our engineers to move in and out of different CAD platforms.

All the required thumb rules for plastic injection molding were implemented to ensure that the design was manufacturable.

CAD Model Thigh Tight Indoor Exercise Device for Women

Once the CAD model was ready, FEA was carried out to ensure that the deformations and stresses were within acceptable limits.

FEA Thigh Tight Indoor Exercise Device for Women

The final CAD models and drawings were presented along with beautifully rendered photo-realistic images for presentations and sales promotions.

The client is currently contemplating on patenting the design. Pentadek is ready to support her with the patent drafting. Before the product hits the shelves, Pentadesk will also be helping the client with the required technical illustrations for the product manual and graphics for the packaging design.