Why Choose Us

The primary focus of Pentadesk lies in Engineering, Product Design & Development. Our expertise spans most of the engineering domains viz. automotive, heavy engineering, solar energy, medical, defense, lighting and consumer & industrial product. We design products ranging from complex vacuum packaging machines, tractor trailers, industrial manipulators, health & fitness devices, etc. to simpler products such as alloy wheels, water bottles, electrical enclosures, etc.


Pentadesk has highly experienced teams of engineers and our combined experience makes us the premier choice for cost-effective, value-added CAD service provider. This allows our clients to free themselves from in-house hiring and put their focus back into growing their business.


Maintaining high quality standards is the norm at Pentadesk. We follow a process driven three level quality control methodology that ensures that the project deliverable is as per the quality standards set by our clients.

Cost Savings

Cost saving is the primary reason for outsourcing. At Pentadesk we offer up to 60% cost saving in terms of hourly rates for CAD services. The benefits of skilled expertise, without the expense of resource management, helps reduce expansion costs to a great extent.