Industry Verticals

Engineering and Manufacturing

Product Design

Product Design

Pentadesk is a leading engineering product design solutions and development services company. We know how to strike the ideal balance between functionality, aesthetics, and creativity. To determine whether the product is market-ready, our team of trained engineers at Pentadesk conduct in-depth and comprehensive market and consumer analysis and provide a functional product solution.

3D CAD Modeling

As a leading 3D CAD modeling company, Pentadesk is well versed with the requirements of 3D CAD modeling and generates 3D CAD models that are robust, parametric and editable. We incorporate all the industry best practices to provide you with 3D CAD models that fully capture the design intent. If you are looking to hire 3D modelers, your search ends at Pentadesk.


Engineering Drawing

We are a one-stop-shop for specialist design and drafting services in the fields of mechanical engineering. We are well versed in all engineering standards such as ANSI, ISO, DIN, etc. and follow the latest ASME standards to provide highly detailed engineering drawings. With our engineering drawing services, you can rest assured that our output will be flawless in terms of accuracy and usability.

Engineering Drawing

CAD Conversion

We at Pentadesk have been a frontrunner in the CAD Conversion field since 3D CAD started becoming mainstream in the engineering industry. We have successfully completed numerous legacy CAD conversion projects of all sizes. Our team works with a variety of CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Cero, CATIA, OnShape, SolidEdge, etc. Our team will help convert and upgrade legacy CAD models & drawing formats to the required standards.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is an important aspect of new product design, where existing legacy products are used for inspiration to develop improved products. The engineering team at Pentadesk not only use reverse engineering for creating improved versions of existing products, but also help industries develop legacy machine components. If you need to scale up or down a product, update components, optimize function, or improve robustness, Pentadesk is where you will find a solution.


Finite Elements Analysis

Validating designs by Finite Elements Analysis is an immensely important part of engineering. The engineers at Pentadesk are highly trained in delivering numerical simulation results based on finite element analysis (FEA), thus allowing our customers to better comprehend their design and the effect of changes. We are well versed with all leading FEA tools.

Invention & Patenting

Invention Support

Pentadesk has been associated with inventors since its inception. Our deep understanding of the invention life-cycle and experience in product design and development, makes us an ideal solution provider for supporting the product design and patenting drafting aspects of an invention idea.  The Pentadesk team is well-positioned to take your innovative idea from concept to market, providing top-notch product design services. If you are looking to hire product designers for your project, the engineers at Pentadesk would provide the perfect solution for you.


Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration is the final phase of a product design effort, when the need to create easy to understand product manuals arises so that the end users can understand the product better as well as install the product successfully. The experts at Pentadesk helps your customers better understand how your product or technology works and moves in the real world, by creating engaging technical illustrations, product animations, photo-realistic rendered images as well as user interactive 3D presentations.

Rapid Prototyping & Solar Energy


3D Printing Support

3D printing is an integral part of the product design process and most product prototyping is now carried out using 3D printing. Pentadesk has years of experience in assisting our clients in prototyping their final design by providing CAD data that can be 3D printed with ease. We also provide support during the entire prototyping stage by assisting our clients find reliable 3D printing service providers.


Solar Energy

We are a leading Solar PV installation Design and Drawing Services provider. Our solar PV permit drawing services provide comprehensive permit plans created specifically for your solar energy project as per your country standards, which can then be forwarded for permit approval and used to direct you or your consultant through the solar installation process. We are well versed with US national electrical codes (NEC 2011) as well as Australian electrical wiring standards (AS/NZS 3000:2018).

Why Choose Us

The primary focus of Pentadesk lies in Engineering, Product Design & Development. Our expertise spans most of the engineering domains viz. automotive, heavy engineering, solar energy, medical, defense, lighting and consumer & industrial product. We design products ranging from complex vacuum packaging machines, tractor trailers, industrial manipulators, health & fitness devices, etc. to simpler products such as alloy wheels, water bottles, electrical enclosures, etc.


Pentadesk has highly experienced teams of engineers and our combined experience makes us the premier choice for cost-effective, value-added CAD service provider. This allows our clients to free themselves from in-house hiring and put their focus back into growing their business.


Maintaining high quality standards is the norm at Pentadesk. We follow a process driven three level quality control methodology that ensures that the project deliverable is as per the quality standards set by our clients.

Cost Savings

Cost saving is the primary reason for outsourcing. At Pentadesk we offer up to 60% cost saving in terms of hourly rates for CAD services. The benefits of skilled expertise, without the expense of resource management, helps reduce expansion costs to a great extent.