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What is 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping?

3D printing or Rapid Prototyping is an additive manufacturing process using which a 3D model can be converted into actuality. However, this is a process that needs immense expertise and expensive equipment. It is a production process that is increasingly being used to create proofs of concept, designs, and finished products. Companies are incorporating 3D printing into various stages of their production processes and rethinking their market strategies in order to take advantage of this strategic edge.

In simple terms, 3D printing is a technique for creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital image.​​

Although there are numerous 3D printing methods, the majority of them depend on computer-aided design (CAD). Before a manufacturing plant can use a 3D printer to create a prototype or product, it must first use a computer to digitally design the product.


What is CAD?

The method of designing an object for 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping using computer software is known as CAD. Manufacturing firms, for example, use different forms of CAD software to design their prototypes and products. Although their features differ, they all facilitate the development of digital object models. CAD software is used by manufacturers to create three-dimensional object models in precise shapes and forms. SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, CATIA, Onshape, Fusion 360 are some of the well known CAD software.


Role of CAD in 3D Printing

Since it offers the instructions required to create a prototype or product, most 3D printing processes involve the use of CAD software. The rules or instructions contained in a CAD file govern 3D printers. They use the data in a CAD file to figure out how much material needs to be placed and where it should go. As a result, manufacturing companies must first establish a CAD register. Then an object model in the required size and dimensions using CAD software is built. The CAD data is compressed and transferred to the 3D printer for processing after the object model is completed. The object will then be built using the guidelines mentioned in the CAD file by the 3D printer.


Pentadesk provides 3D printing services from creating 3D printable 3D models of your product to 3D printing in our-state-of-the art 3D printers. Apart from individual parts, we also provide complete prototyping of complete assemblies using 3D printing.

Some of the methods which we use for preparing 3D printable model is:

  • Converting point cloud data that has been scanned from an original source into 3D models ready for printing
  • For 3D printing, convert photographs and pictures into 3D models
  • Converting 2D or 3D CAD data in to 3D models for 3D printing

Give us a product concept and we will ensure that it is ready for 3D printing!