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Technical Illustration

A Technical Illustration is a method of communicating technical information, through the use of drawings or illustrations. The general aim of such illustrations is to provide a clear and precise idea in three specific areas which are elaborated below. From simple product manuals for assembling furniture to complex aircraft assembly and maintenance manuals, Pentadesk has been a forerunner in the Technical Illustration domain.

Maintenance Manual

A maintenance manual is the bible for service technicians. Without maintenance manuals, it would have been impossible for service technicians to get trained in machine maintenance. A well designed maintenance manual plays a very important role in ensuring that a service run is error free.

Parts Catalog

A parts catalog is a technical catalog of the different parts that comprises a product. A part catalog is used generally used for ordering spare parts. We well designed parts catalog helps service technicians order correct parts when the need for replacement arises.

Assembly Manual

Assembly manuals are an integral part of every product that requires some assembly during installation. Pentadesk has the experience in creating assembly manuals for simple furniture to complex aircraft equipment and everything in between.