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The challenging economic environment today requires companies to leverage their resources in such a way that the return on investment is maximized. Most businesses prefer to have a reliable partner to rely on for improving their cash flow by augmenting their internal accounts department.
Pentadesk Technologies has been offering our Finance & Accounting services to global clients since the last 10 years. Our primary clients are industrial houses where we provide support in A/P Invoicing, A/R Invoicing, Shipping, Bill of Lading, Sales Order Entry, etc. Apart from industrial houses we do have the capability to provide our financial services across all industry verticals.
We work extensively on the following areas, using ERP, Quickbooks and Xero:


We offer book-keeping and accounting services to global clients. Our process based approach ensure that we are able to quickly adapt to booking needs of any industry domain. An efficient and strategic shift to your finance and accounting needs would save time and help you focus more on your business needs.

The areas where we could help are:

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Employee expense processing
  • Time and Expense management
  • General ledger
  • Month and year close
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax reporting
  • Payroll Administration
  • Subscription renewals management

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable are particularly important and extremely critical processes in every industry, as it controls the cash-flow of a company. Thus, an effecting Accounts Receivable process is important so that payments are received correctly and quickly.

Pentadesk Technologies is highly experienced in the Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable process and our expertise will help your organization convert your AP & AR process into an optimized business function, leading to systematic and quicker processing of these functions.

Sales Order Entry

Sales Order Entry is a complex process that starts with cross verifying of credit worthiness of the client. After the credit worthiness is verified, the company decides whether the goods or services can be offered on credit to the client.
The next step is the Sales Order Entry, where details of the Purchase Order is entered into the ERP system for further processing. The step involves cross verifying of the PO with the quote and ensuring that all the requirements related to the order is captured. The delivery schedule and the shipping information is also captured at this point, into the ERP system.
Pentadesk Technologies helps organizations carry out their Sales Order Entry process seamlessly and helps ensure that all the data is captured correctly to ensure that the goods or service delivery is always correct in all aspects.