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Engineering Drawing

The detail manufacturing and assembly of products is represented by a complete set of 2D drawings is known as engineering drawings or production drawings. Manufacturing drawings conform to industry standards such as the ASME Standards and Codes and completely define the product.

Engineering drawings of a product will capture every bit of information necessary to manufacture and assemble the components of the product accurately. The size and shape of each component, projection views of all sides, machining and casting tolerances, production process, standard conventions, material & finish information and clear specifications would be included in the drawings to enable a precise production process.

An explicit and well-organized design is imperative for manufacturing the product successfully and it certainly requires professional help. Pentadesk is a premium engineering design services provider that cater to the needs and requirements of the pertaining to the engineerign aspects of a new product idea.

Engineering drawing services

Pentadesk provides all types of engineering drawing services such as:

  • Assembly drawings
  • General Arrangement drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Process Drawings
  • Part drawings
  • CAD Conversion services

We guarantee quality work through verification and validation of each drawing. We pay attention even to the minutest detail in every drawing.