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3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD models are the absolute essential engineering data that is used for all aspects of manufacturing. From product design and verification, engineering drawing, tool design, NC programming and finally to inspection, a 3D CAD model is the starting point.

Pentadesk’s highly skilled team of engineers are adept at developing 3D CAD models using a range of 3D CAD software. Our skills are matched by our experience in the technology and adherence to the best practices set by the industry.

Since the successful development of a new product relies heavily on the usability of the 3D CAD models of the product, we ensure that no aspect of the CAD models is overlooked. 3D CAD models that are intended to be used in commercialized products must meet a number of criteria in order to be  manufacturable and cost effective. At Pentadesk, every CAD model is created after strategic planning, so that future editing of the model will not cause the model to fail. This single step ensures huge time and cost saving in new product development projects where design changes and iterations are the norm in such projects.

Our Primary CAD tool is SolidWorks, but our expertise spans all other major parametric CAD tools.

We have been a forerunner in providing 3D CAD modeling support to USA, EU based manufacturing companies. Our design team works as an extension of our client’s design team seamlessly.

Benefits of 3D CAD Modeling

Boosts Designer Efficiency: 3D CAD model design process allows designers to make better use of their time and money by eliminating the manual and time-consuming aspects of design. It also allows the designer to see all of the components in 3D during the initial design stage and rectify them immediet​​ely, if necessary. This cuts down on the number of prototypes and boosts designer performance.

Documentation: Engineering 3D modeling improves data processing by allowing you to organize and maintain your layouts and documents. It helps you to standardize your descriptions and drafting processes, thus automating your workflow and improving output precision and agility.

In Tune with International Standards: Designing with 3D CAD design models guarantees that the projects are in compliance with international standards. Following industry standards facilitates internal coordination and results in higher quality outputs.

Reduce Lessens Design Time: Using a virtual 3D CAD design model during the design process speeds up production and allows mechanical engineers to finish the design and move on to producing the mechanical 3D CAD models much more quickly.

Clarity for Clients: The best visual images of the element to be modelled in 3D come from 3D CAD modeling. The components can also be animated and observed in action. The use of visual graphics aids the customer’s understanding of the component’s features and properties. This also aids in explaining the mechanical 3D CAD models’ usefulness to the client and suggesting changes if any.

Saves Data: 3D CAD design models can conveniently be saved for later use. Some basic parts do not need to be updated, which saves a lot of time when creating potential designs.

Cost Saving: Many standard built components are included in 3D CAD, saving the designer’s time and effort of designing them from scratch. This helps you save both time and cost. Obtaining licensed modeling software is also costly, so outsourcing 3D CAD modeling is the preferred choice, as it saves even more money.

For great success, it’s important to hire the best talents in the industry. Engaging Pentadesk for your CAD outsourcing services will give your company an advantage over the competition and ensure its long-term viability.