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Reverse Engineering

For creating a new or modified design any existing object is scanned, analyzed and recreated/improved by a process known as reverse engineering. It starts with an existing part or product. This design is analyzed and manually scanned for preparing new and innovative products. Reverse Engineering applications can be found right from automotive design to Medical equipment and everything in between.

Another area where Reverse Engineering plays an important role is in retrieving design data from legacy machines. Most legacy machines generally lack any CAD data and also their spare parts are also very hard to find. Reverse Engineering is used for retrieving CAD data from the existing machine by using manual measurements or scanning. The CAD data thus acquired is used for creating spare parts and also for design modifications, if required. Without Reverse Engineering legacy machines would come to their end of life the moment any critical component in the machine fails.

The Reverse Engineering Team at Pentadesk has years of experience in Reverse Engineering of legacy machines as well as in New Product Design.