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CAD Data Conversion

Conversion of CAD data from one CAD system to another is necessary for industrial houses to help standardize their CAD data. Standardized CAD data ensures that collaborations are more efficient and effective throughout the organization. Migrating to a new CAD system or even legacy paper to CAD conversion requires in-depth analysis to assess future requirements and also to ensure a smooth transition to the new CAD platform. CAD Conversion and migration is a complex process and the complexity increases with the volume of CAD data and the requirement to capture design intent.

CAD Conversion Types

Paper/PDF to CAD Conversion

CAD ConversionSwitching to a 3D CAD based system can dramatically improve productivity and time to market for new products. This switch necessitates the need to utilize your legacy 2D CAD data which is either in 2D CAD format such as DWG or DXF or in the form of scanned paper drawings in PDF format.

Leveraging the expertise of our engineering team, companies can quickly move from a 2D CAD based system to 3D CAD. Our team will study the legacy CAD drawings and manually recreate them in the target 3D CAD system feature-by feature. We are highly experienced in ensuring conversion accuracy and the 3D CAD data will be created as per the industry best practices. This will ensure that the design intent is fully captured in the 3D CAD data.


CAD Platform Migration

CAD Platform Migration is carried out when there is a requirement to switch from your current 3D CAD system to another 3D CAD system. This is generally necessitated due to mergers and acquisitions or an initiative to migrate to a more robust 3D CAD system. The inherent lack of interchangeability between different 3D CAD systems raises the need for CAD migration.

There are various ways to carry out a CAD migration exercise:

  • Manual recreation
  • Conversion through neutral format
  • Using standard CAD Translators
  • By Developing Custom software tools

CAD Conversion Approaches:

What needs to be converted: Whether the requirement is to convert products as needed or convert specific product lines or convert a portion of the product line or convert the entire CAD database, we will analyze your specific need and offer the most suitable solution.

Type of conversion: Deciding between Feature Based CAD Conversion, featureless CAD conversion or conversion to neutral standards can be a daunting task. We assist you in deciding the best possible route based on careful consideration of your business and engineering objectives.

Quality considerations: Quality considerations such as capturing the design intent, avoiding manufacturing oversights, using correct modeling and drawing techniques and avoiding cosmetic issues such as lack of drawing readability are carefully looked into during the CAD conversion process.

What Makes Pentadesk Technologies the Best CAD Outsourcing Service provider?

Pentadesk has been a forerunner in the field of CAD conversion and CAD platform migration. We offer the best in class CAD conversion solutions for a smooth transition from a legacy 2D CAD system to a 3D CAD platform or from one CAD platform to another. We ensure complete data consistency and quality during the CAD conversion process through careful planning. We also automate repetitive tasks to save time and minimize expenditure. Our systematic quality control methodologies ensure that the 3D CAD data is completely validated.